Thursday, 8 July 2010

13th Run For Vision, Tokyo

Last week my friend and running partner asked if I'd be interested in running the 13th Run For Vision race on October 10.
The Run for Vision 10km course takes compeditors on two loops around the Imperial Palace Gardens in downtown Tokyo, a very popular training spot for urban runners.  My friend had many convincing reasons as to why we should do this run including:
  • Its an iconic Tokyo run.
  • One day we may no longer live in Japan and it'd be cool race to have done.
  • Its a Run for Vision run, so the money is for an eyesight charity, his favorite kind.

All very good arguments, but he finally won me over with:
  • Apparently there's a free t-shirt, bananas, and drinks etc.

T-shirts, bananas and drinks, what other motivation does a runner need?  I registered online that very evening.

Due to the incredible popularity of running in Japan over the past couple of years it has become necessary to secure your place in a race many months in advance.  Entry to most races can be done via the RUNNET site, and some of the more popular races can fill up within hours of entries opening.  As Japan's running boom is being led by young ladies it is often the women's events that sell out long before the men's.

So while the race season has yet to start in Japan, now would be a good time to plan out next seasons race calendar.

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