Monday, 12 July 2010

A Milestone Reached

According to the Nike+ site I've run 1,009 kilometers since purchasing the Nike + iPod Sport Kit in September.  OK, that's only 100km per month, but for someone who only started running in August, I'm pretty proud.

I crossed the 1,000km barrier with a 13km run on Friday night.  After work I cycled home in a terrible rain storm, took a shower, ate dinner and settled in for the night as the rain didn't look like stopping any time soon.

By 9:30, after the girls had gone to bed, I was ready for a night in front of the TV but noticed two things.  One the rain had stopped, two, we didn't have any bread for the following days breakfast.

The supermarket is only 700m away, but I figured if I was going to the trouble of  leaving the house, I might as well gear up and put in a run.  I have a selection of runs, of varying distances, that begin at my building and finish up at the supermarket as doing a little shopping after a run has almost become part of the standard routine.

I chose a 7km route along the Zenpukuji River and got running.  After the rain storm the water level in the river was the highest I've ever seen it, and vast portions of Wadabori Park were under water.  A number of times I had to divert from my regular course as it was blocked by water. 

On the upside, the rain had bought the temperature right down making this the most comfortable run in weeks, so comfortable in fact that somewhere along my run  I decided to switch to my 10km route instead.  The 10km route takes me along the Zenpukuji River to where it meets Kampachi Doori.  Then I run South down Kampachi to Takaido where it meets the Kandagawa River, the follow the river for a few of kilometers before heading home.

By the time I reached the supermarket I had completed just over 13km.  It felt good to have put in such a long run on the spur of the moment, as the recent heat and humidity have made even the shortest runs sheer torture.  It gave me a terrific boost in confidence to know my recent under performance can be attributed to the ridiculous humidity rather than a lack of effort on my part.

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  1. Sounds like a fun run! Congrats on the Milestone!