Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh, the humidity!

The person who wrote "Its not the heat that kills you, its the humidity" must have been writing from Tokyo, in June, after a run.

Recently even after runs of modest  distance I return home looking as if I've just finished the swim leg of a triathlon.  My fast drying running gear is unable to cope and clings to my body from neck to waist, front and back.  I literally have to wring it out by hand before dropping it in the washing machine.

I remember training for the Tokyo Marathon over winter, in the snow, thinking "Who in their right mind organizes a marathon for February knowing full well runners must train through the coldest months of the year?" Oh, how I wish for a blizzard right now!

To make matters worse I trained for the marathon with a pair of CW-X three quarter length tights which provided excellent knee support, but recently have abandoned them due to the heat and as a result I've started feeling a little pain in my left knee.  I think I'll run with them tonight as I can't imagine they'll make me substantially hotter than I have been the past few runs.

As an Australian, I've always been a beach goer, and summer lover, but since taking up running I can't wait for autumn and the start of the running season!

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  1. I am just the opposite, and found I am strange when posing this question on my Facebook Fanpage. Which is worse, humidity or heat?

    It is very humid here as well.... many mornings near 100% and then sometimes it burns off a little bit when the hot sun comes out. I would any day of the week run in cool temps 100% humidity rather than 90+ degrees with the hot blazing sun. I am weird that way I guess :)